Monday, August 22, 2005


Okay, not even Rocky could get me motivated to get back to work. I want to get back to my story. I really, really, REALLY do. I just can't. This isn't some depression or block setting in either. It's just real life getting in the way. I'm working the aftercare program a few days a week from the time school gets out until 6. Basically, it's glorified babysitting. By the time I get home, clear out my e-mails and have a quick bite to eat I'm exhausted!

But tonight I started looking at contests again. (You know, instead of actually revising.) I did get a little crazy and decide to enter 4 in the next few months, but then reality bit me on the butt and asked who was paying for all these entries? Plus I've planned to go to the Austin RWA workshop in October with Eloisa James, Julie Kenner, Samantha Saxon, Kit Frazier and a couple of other people I can't remember right now. There's another chunk of precious teacher salary.

So, I decided to skip the September contest and enter 2 manuscripts in an October contest because the final judge for my category is someone I have good vibes about and who's in a house I would LOVE to be a part of. (Not that I know this person or anything about her, but still....) So the plan is this. I'll slowly get back into the writing while I polish up my October entries. Starting tomorrow night...


Elisabeth Naughton said...

You go, girl. Contests scare me.

I entered one this year, and am considering the GH. May wait and see how I did in that one lone contest before I shell out the fifty big ones.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the contests, Christine!!