Monday, July 07, 2008

RWA National Conference

How many of you are going to San Francisco to the RWA National Conference? What made you decide to go or not go this year? If you're going, what do you hope to gain? If you're not, what will you be doing instead? And if you're a writer who's not going, what writing related activities do you have planned to keep yourself motivated while so many people are at Nationals?

I'd planned to go, but around the start of the year I got my brain working again and decided not to go. For me, the only reason I'm not going is the expense of the trip. I tend to make it a week-long vacation since I go on the Kiss of Death Pre-conference tour. This year I decided I wanted to try to get myself out of debt and start saving some money instead of spending a chunk more. It was a very difficult decision because I love how motivated I get at Nationals, but in the end I think it is the right decision.

As for what I'll be doing that week, I'll spend my time writing, revising Danger, working on a query letter, reading. (All of this, by the way, will be done at the beach.) Of course I'll treat myself to a visit to the bookstore (maybe to get those Bourne books!), but I'm thinking maybe I'll work on designing (on paper) my website too. I don't think it's an expense I can justify yet, but once an editor falls in love with Danger as much as I have and she offers me a contract, I'll put the wheels in motion to get the website up and running. This way here I'll be doing something constructive to keep my mind off all the fun everyone else is having at Nationals. Of course, I'll also check blogs too and see if I can live vicariously through any wonderful people who posts pictures or details of their Nationals experience.


Avery Beck said...

I'm only going because of the GH. It's costing me an arm and both legs, but I don't plan to enter the GH again so I want to live it up while I have the I *really* need my 10-min appt with senior editor, because her level of interest will help me decide what my next steps will be after conference.

I'm not taking my laptop this year because I want to pack as lightly as possible, but I'll have tons of updates and pics when I get back. :-)

Kerry Blaisdell said...

I'm not going. Like you, I planned to, but $$ and sanity prevailed. Mainly, I don't think at this stage in my career it's that critical. I need to finish DAD and start querying on it -- at 42 cents for snail mail, and well, 0 cents for email, it's a heckuva lot cheaper!! *:?)

Cat Schield said...

I'm not going. The timing wasn't good (work conflict) and it wasn't realistic to expect I could afford a 12 day trip to Greece and a 4 day trip to San Fran. I figure if I get the conference cd's I'll be getting more bang for my money.

Maybe next year.

Cindy Procter-King said...

I'm going because it's in my time zone and I know I'm not going to DC next year - too far away and the DH and I have travel plans for that year. So SF is the more manageable money-wise, plus I prefer SF over DC, having been to both once now.

Last year I ONLY went to Dallas because of the GH. I didn't register or make any travel arrangements until after I finaled. But I really enjoyed that city, so I'm glad I went.