Friday, November 05, 2010

Almost The Weekend

NaNo- been averaging around 2000 words a day. I'm LOVING what's coming from my characters! And they are a we say affectionate couple so far despite the danger surrounding them.

iPod- I spent most of my afternoon playing with my iPod and downloading songs with my iTunes gift cards. WOW! I actually made a soundtrack for Tell Me No Lies! I made 2 playlists, one for the suspense aspect of the story and 1 for the romance aspect. The suspense playlist has alternative, metal and hard rock. Oh, and some tunes from the Bourne trilogy soundtracks. The romance playlist has some songs that fit the characters and some that just make me feel good about the possibility of love.

Weekend- This weekend I'll be incommunicado. My local RWA chapter has its annual retreat. I'm SOOO excited! Last year I wrote my story with a pen and paper and I listened to my $5 cassette walkman. This year I have my laptop and my newly synced iPod. I'm also taking my digital camera. I'm hoping to keep up my 2000 words a day pace as I visit with friends, eat chocolate (and other good food), and have a few drinks. I'll share details when I get back.

Next Week- I've got a 3-day job scheduled already. I'm also hoping to do some more work on my new website so it'll be ready for the launch on December 1st. I'll have my local RWA meeting, where I will be able to dive into the "Broken Heart Chest" because I'll share the news about my latest rejection. And of course, I'll have more Nano.

You- Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

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