Monday, September 05, 2005

Is It The Beer, The Music or The Voices In My Head?

Another 18 pages today. Okay, some of them were written for the old, crappy version and I just cut and pasted, but the end result is the same. Each scene I added opened more doors for future scenes either in this book or one of the following books. I know I've written at least 10 of those pages today. In addition to grading some papers, picking up books for my classes at Barnes & Noble (I didn't buy a book for me, but I did buy a CD!), grocery shopping and visiting the lovely local post office. I mailed a letter to an editor who requested this manuscript a while ago asking her if she still wanted to read it. I stressed that I've been honing my craft since our last correspondence and that this one also won the Merritt RS category this year. Hey, the worst she can say is no, right?

It feels like everything is falling into place in the manuscript. FINALLY!!! After a year and a half. The story emerging is definitely the story of the hero and heroine and not what I wanted. As for my enthusiasm, I can honestly say I haven't been this excited in over 2 1/2 years, since I was last targeting single title. I finally believe in my abilities again. I believe in my characters. I've fallen in love with my hero. And my heroine is someone I'd definitely like to have as a friend. I'm even being so bold as to say I expect to have a rough draft of this new version done by the end of next weekend. I've alerted my critique partners that I expect to pull them into active duty between September 12 and October 9. My birthday is October 9, so my present to myself will be the completed version of this manuscript. Then I can take a week or so off before diving into the next project. (You know, the one I handwrote 200 pages for over the summer.)

Okay, I know some of you are curious about the title. I've had a few drinks while I've been working since dinner. The music? The CD I bought this afternoon, Celtic Woman, a PBS special they've been playing whenver they have a telethon. I don't give money during the telethon (I don't make enough to give to charities), but I loved the music so I bought the CD. I'm finding that Celtic music is my most inspirational music. Strange since I don't write Celtic stories. The voices in my head? Well, I expect that's self-explanatory, especially to any writer!


Brenda said...

Happy early Birthday to you, eh? Love hearing the excitement in your voice.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

So glad to hear you are re-enthused. That's fabulous. AND while being back at work. I'm in awe. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are on FIRE, woman! Way to go!!!