Friday, October 20, 2006


I got my car back and it's beautiful. You'd never know it was in an accident only 3 short weeks ago. (Oh, and the insurance agent who was supposed to be handling this, who went out of town when I needed her, called today to see about setting up the repairs. Um, hello??)

It's a THREE day weekend! We have Monday off for a teacher sanity day. (Yes, we already need them!) I finished my lesson plans this afternoon and walked out empty handed. No grading, no researching lessons, no planning. My weekend is devoted to having fun, which in my world requires lots of writing time!

My CP is helping me to stay focused on finishing my own manuscript instead of signing up to judge contests. Can we say GH deadline and book revisions not finished? Can we say money already in Houston???

I've been doing well for 2 days on my diet and I exercised! I was watching The Unit where the guys had to evacuate people from a hospital and they had to WEIGH everyone. I decided then & there that I could NOT be in an emergency situation where I have to be weighed in public looking and feeling the way I do. That was enough motivation to get on the ball with some healthy living.

My Austin RWA writing retreat is only one week away!

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TJ Brown said...

Glad your car is as good as new. I just find that so amazing, what they can do with cars. Enjoy your three days off!