Wednesday, November 08, 2006


No, I couldn't be more creative with the title to this post. Sorry. My creativity is currently on hiatus. So, what am I doing while I should be working on my revisions for GH? Um, blogging, blog-hopping, talking on the phone for an hour, watching Jericho (I so love Jake and I don't for a minute believe that other guy is FBI!), printing out another contest entry (no, I haven't entered enough, even with the 9 contests I've entered since the end of August with 2 different manuscripts), e-mailing my Scotland contact with some more questions, typing the pages I handwrote during my writing retreat almost 2 weeks ago, thinking about having a beer and watching some more TV. Basically, I'm just perfecting my procrastination techniques. How about you?


Kelly Boyce said...

I've spent all week plotting and trying to figure out my characters. Which oddly feels a bit like procrastinating because I feel like I should be writing now.

Nita Wick said...

Actually I've been doing the NaNo thing. I've had to adjust the goal some. My goal is 35k instead of their 50k. That's much more attainable for me, but I still have to push myself to write some every night.

But I did a really good job of procrastinating the whole month of October using the excuse that NaNo would start soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I keep waffling about Hawkins. Some days I think he's one of the good guys but I'd be more inclined to think he's CIA than FBI (why they seem more dangerous, I don't know *g*). Other days I think he's a definite Black Hat.

But Jake is divine!!!

Lexi said...

Not procrastinating, Kelly. You've been working on your manuscript, figuring out your characters. That sounds like work to me!

Nita, 35k is still awesome. Good job for accomodating to your own needs. Good luck!

Tori,Hawkins! Thanks, I couldln't remember his name. And my jury is still out on him, although he hasn't done anything to hurt anyone--that we know of. And Jake is Jake and he remains awesome!

Heidi Dahlquist said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Michelle Willingham's weba page. I am in Chesapeake Romance Writers with her and am also a writer. I write paranormal romance's and fantasy. My characters are Irish and Schttish and I use alot of celtic mythology in my books. If you would like to email or talk sometime let me know. Im always looking to meet fellow writers!!

Heidi Dahlquist