Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Can Make It 7 More Days

I've 7 more school days with my little...angels. Some days I wonder why I'm a teacher. 7th grade broke my heart last week. They were just more cruel than usual. The 6th grade...ack! We'll not even get into that. The only consolation I have is 5th grade is pretty cool. And I only have 7 more school days with them all!

I've gotten myself into a situation that you'll appreciate. I got my GH scores back on my contemporary. They weren't very good. I'm not really concerned because the original category the story was in (Traditional) got canceled. I believe that if Traditional had been an option that I would have done better.

So, anyway. I'm just about done the rough draft of the current contemporary, TCAFS. I already feel it's a stronger story, so I fully intend to enter that puppy in the GH in November. CP agrees with that. THEN I started thinking, "Hmmm, I'll have TCAFS done by the time I go on summer vacation and then I'll be taking notes and brainstorming the next Scottish story while I'm in Scotland. Why not try to finish the draft of RR, my latest suspense (which took 3rd place in the Hook, Line & Sinker contest this year), and enter that in the GH as well?"

So brilliant woman that I am, I've decided to finish 2 books this year- TCAFS, a short contemporary, and RR, a category romantic suspense. While I'm putting the finishing touches on the suspense in the fall, I can be doodling, drafting and plotting the next contemporary.

Yes, people say I really should stick to one sub-genre until I'm well established, but right now I want the challenge of doing both. Suspense is ultimately where my heart still lies, yet these Scottish contemporaries are begging to be told too. Who am I to turn away a good story? For me, I need to take my writing life up another notch. If it'll help me reach my goals and dreams (and also gives me an escape from those crazy middle schoolers!!), then I'll commit to writing every single day, to organizing myself and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.


Anonymous said...

Given all the different genres I try to write in, I'm not one to discourage you. *g*

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Follow your heart. If your heart says "Don't limit me!" then don't -- write as many genres as you can. It worked for Nora Roberts. ;?)

Nita Wick said...

I've heard that one genre thing, too, but I can't do that. I have to write what's on my mind at the time. This week it's a western historical. But I've done pre-Regency historical and fantasy historical, too. Of course, there's a half finished contemporary paranormal and an outline for a contemporary erotica. LOL

I write because I love it. Limiting myself would limit the fun. Now if someone started paying me big bucks to write only one genre, maybe it would be worth it. :)

Lexi said...

Thanks, ladies! That's just what I wanted to hear!

Anonymous said...

You go, Lexi!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, last year I double finaled in the GH. I entered 6 manuscripts in 3 different categories. I worked for me and many of the other finalists did the same thing!

Go for it!

Cheers, Julie Rowe