Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Could EASILY Get Used To This!

So, here I am alone. Mom went home yesterday. I've spent the last 2 days working on my writing and I have to tell you I love being home and working. This is something I could handle! Of course, I'd have to sell a few billion book copies before I could actually give up my day job. Either that or marry rich. Since there aren't any prospects, I'm left to my day job and my writing on the side...for now.

So, Sunday, as you know, I found out about the Merritt win. Monday, I got a full request from an agent I queried back in March. I'd sent a batch of agent queries around that time. When I didn't seem to get many bites, I decided to submit FP to Harlequin directly just before my surgery-only 2 weeks ago. So yesterday and today I've been rereading the manuscript (and crying in all the right places). I'm making sure all my i's are dotted and all my t's are crossed and my GMC's are lined up. It's a long process because I can't sit at the computer for too long yet without getting sore. But I'll take this over still being in the hospital or confined to the couch! I expect to mail this full tomorrow sometime. I'm psyched because this is the first time I've gotten a request for a full just off a query letter! Yay! I'll keep you updated.

As I'm working online today, I get an e-mail about another contest, the Black Diamonds Contest, and of course I now want to enter that one too. (I've been good. I've only got 2 planned for June!) But this one is cheaper, electronic and it's only the first paragraph of the book. Basically it's a chance to see if you can hook the reader with the first 150 words. Of course, my question is not whether to enter or not, but how many entries do I send? I'm definitely sending TCAFS. I LOVE that beginning! I'm thinking of RR too, my suspense.

Oh, and one more thing. As I've been rereading and strengthening FP, wouldn't you know I met 2 NEW CHARACTERS who expect to have their own stories? As of right now, I've got characters/ story lines for 10 manuscripts. You figure I can write 2 books a year, so we're talking 5 years of books! I really hope I get a contract soon!


Kelly Boyce said...

I would loooove to trade my day job for writing full time. Congrats on the Merrit and the request - that's great news!

Nita Wick said...

I am so happy to hear that things are going so well for you. I know things were a little rough and scary there for a while. You've made it through with flying colors!