Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy, Busy

Challenge totals:
Monday 607
Tuesday 354 (I think. I have to check.)
Mostly I'm working on the suspense because I FINALLY got into the groove of that one. Even though I'm rusty with the suspense angle, I reminded myself that I can fix a page with words already on it, but not a blank one.

Couldn't get into blogger quickly enough to blog yesterday. Last night was the awesome "Web Presence" workshop at my monthly Austin RWA meeting. (More on that later.)

Tonight I'm kickboxing and working on some manuscript. Hopefully a little of FP revisions since I'm supposed to be doing those all month and I've barely started.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a party for Julie Ortolon's newest release, Unforgettable. (More on that later too.)

Friday's kickboxing again and then Saturday and Sunday is my Austin RWA retreat! (You guessed it, more on that later too!)

Have a great day!


TJ Brown said...

You sound uber busy...I know how that goes!

Lexi said...

And tired, Teri. Can't forget that. Although, you are tons busier than I am.