Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Miscellaneous

Car trouble. It's not a good sign when the mechanic calls and says, "What you're describing and what the computer is telling us don't match." Oh, and, "I'm thinking it might take longer than a day to figure out what's wrong with it." Can you see the dollar signs here?

Football. My Patriots play tonight. Hopefully they'll play better than they did last week. Yes, they won, but it wasn't pretty. Tonight better be pretty. I'll be taking myself out to dinner and then drowning my car sorrows in a couple of drinks.

Work. A good day. No kids were killed. No teachers went bald.

Christmasy stuff. The tree is in parts (it's a fake one) in the living room. The cards are half written. The decorations are scattered around the house. Maybe tomorrow I'll finish getting ready for the holidays. You know, after I get the bill for fixing the car, when I have no money to do anything else fun...

Reading. I'm really enjoying Margot Early's version of A Christmas Carol. I'm about halfway through the book. I wish I'd brought it with me.

Writing. I have to wait for my friend to get off work to give me a ride home. I could sit here and get some grading done. Or I could work on my suspense ideas. Hhhmmm, which do you think I'll do?

Later that same evening: Stinking rotten Patriots. Yes, they won and moved to 12-0, but they played like crap. Tonight I think Baltimore was the better team!


Crystal said...

LOL!!! I love it! Girl, drink one for me!! Hope the car bill won't be as bad as you think it will, here's to hoping anyway;0)

Bailey Stewart said...

Ouch on the car. I hope the bill won't be that bad.

I just finished The Trouble With Paradise by The Shalvis and loved it!

Lexi said...

I had a few beers to block out the bad playing from my team. Yes, they won, but it wasn't pretty.

Bailey, let's face it. Everything The Shalvis writes we love!

Anonymous said...

(((Lexi))) on the car trouble.

Bailey Stewart said...

Soooo, the Patriots played lousy huh? Awwwwwww *gg*