Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday But I Keep Thinking It's Thursday

Just checking in. I said this in a comment in my last post, but I want to say it again here. Thanks to all of you offering kind words, thoughts and prayers. I'm doing okay today, which just means no tears. My mom's been calling me each night with an update. He's still in ICU and they still don't know what caused his infection. He's a little more lucid, but not much. So I'll stay in limbo.

We watched the inauguration in the classroom yesterday for two hours. It was electrifying, wasn't it? I cried a bit, but that was grandfather emotions I'm pretty sure because my grandparents lived outside of DC and I spent a lot of time there. Also, my grandfather worked in DC. And then I'd think about how my grandfather decided to move his family from England and settle in a new world for a better life. Between that and the day's events, I was feeling pretty proud to be an American.

Have you registered for RWA Nationals yet? I haven't, but I'm thinking I will before I go to bed. My friend Brenda is planning to come and room with me, but we're also going to look for other roommates so we can cut down the cost.

I've done a bit of writing on Resisting Ryan and of course Eric and Shannon have still been whispering in my ear. Well, Eric has. I'm not really sure Shannon likes me yet.

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