Friday, April 10, 2009

Writing Goals

Today I'm working on rereading Fractured Paradise and making notes about how to improve it. Then I'm going to get started! This is the ONLY thing I'm going to work on today. The other days in this weekend I'll have to spend some time on school stuff, but writing is starting to take its place in the front seat of my life again and I can't be more thrilled.

So, in honor of my muse, Caitlin, returning from her 3-month vacation, she and I have come up with some goals we want to share with you. (You know, so you can keep us in line and on target!)

1. April 10- Finish rereading Fractured Paradise and making notes. Begin revising.
2. Rest of April- Focus will be on revising Fractured Paradise.
3. April 14- Rejoin the Austin RWA writing challenge where I write 100 words a day for the month between meetings. For that I'll work on whichever story is yearning to be told at that moment.
4. 1st week of May-Send Fractured Paradise to CPs.
5. May- Focus will be on 2nd draft of Broken Promises.
6. Will continue with Austin RWA writing challenge.
7. June- Send Broken Promises to CPs.
8. First 2 weeks of June- revise, create pitches for these two stories and the next two, whichever they may be.

I can't tell you how AWESOME it feels to get back into the swing of working as a writer! I've missed this and I can't believe how much! Now Caitlin and I are counting on your support, so don't let us down!


Unknown said...

How FP going? Got some good notes I hope? I like your timeline. Looks like you'll have a busy spring. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated.

Lexi said...

Lots of good notes, lots of good plans! I think the spring plan is busy but doable. I want to be able to pitch FP and BP at Nationals. The other stories can wait as long as I have something to say when an editor/agent says, "What else do you have?"

Lexi said...

And oh, yes! We will definitely keep each other motivated! Count on that!