Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Waz Up?

Not much to share. I started reading through Danger today, but my parents came by to help "fix up" the house and then use the Internet. I wanted to work more, but how could I say get off my computer when they've been moving my stuff and doing so much for me? So I did what I could and sucked it up. Tomorrow they leave for another vacation so I'll be able to concentrate on my revisions. (I have to take them to the airport at 6 AM!!!) Anyway, check the progress meter Wednesday night. I'm really hoping to have a lot accomplished by the time I go to bed!

Oh, and today marked the 7th day of school. I already made a 6th grader cry. (To be fair, she was having a bad day and I was just the straw that broke the camel's back.) So, who's life are you ruining lately?

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Shari said...

OY! One of my 6th grader's teachers almost made me cry! She said she teaching an upper-level Latin class AT THE SAME TIME (same class period) as my son's Exploratory Languages class. AND there are kids who didn't choose either class - so she has behavioral problems on top of all of that! I'm thinking I might have to talk to the Principal about this totally screwed up class placement - I don't blame the teacher, she's working with what the system hands her. I just don't see my son getting much in the way of differentiated learning if his teacher is also trying to teach Latin 1B AT THE SAME TIME. GACK!