Monday, March 08, 2010

Call Me A Slacker

Haven't blogged since last Tuesday.
Haven't written & published an Examiner article since last Tueaday.
Haven't finished my latest contest entry, which is due for me by Friday.
Haven't been to the gym today.
Haven't read any pages in Emily's book since Friday.

Finish the contest entry and e-mail tonight.
Grade all my papers in the next day or so.
Finish & publish my current Examiner article (on Guinness) tonight.
Draft the next article tonight.
Spend some quality time with "my future" planner this week.


Unknown said...

Don't feel bad. I took the weekend off from reading and writing. Just vegged. Caught Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes you need to accomplish nothing.

Kelly Boyce said...

I think its that time of year. Everyone seems to be experiencing a bit of the end of winter blahs.