Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

As of this moment I have.....

2 sub jobs for this week- Monday and Tuesday

2 manuscripts submitted under Lexi Connor

1 manuscript submitted under the new pen name

7 more days as Celtic Hearts VP

7 more days and 2 hours until NaNoWriMo starts

37 more days to be known as Lexi Connor

11 months and 1 week until I turn 40


Unknown said...

Geez! All those clock sounds are making me nervous. Congrats on getting the new manuscript subbed. Fingers crossed that it's a go. October draws to a close. Are you getting antsy about your M&B sub? I know I am.

Alexa said...
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Alexa said...

Hang in there, Lexi!

Lexi said...

Yeah, October's coming to a close. I'm beginning to think I won't hear anything. Each day when I get in the house it gets harder and harder to wait. Ugh.