Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaNo Day 3

Oh, I'm struggling today. Actually, I got a chance to write about 444 words during my sub day- mostly during the period where the kids went to PE- and I've been writing some GREAT stuff on and off since I got home, but now I'm getting so tired. I'll make the daily word count, but I'm still behind overall since I fell short on the very first day. I suppose I can crank out an extra hundred or two hundred words if I just get off the Internet.....

AND LATER: I managed to crank out enough words to make my day's total 2038! I was frustrated because I had no scenes in my head, very few plot details and I kept starting and starting a bunch of scenes. But in the process of doing that, I learned quite a bit about my hero and heroine AND I've got some tidbits for GREAT scenes to come. I remembered (and must remind myself daily during NaNo) that this is the way NaNo works for me. I start with an idea, some basic conflicts (internal and external) for my hero and heroine and then I let them take me on their journey! Can't wait for tomorrow!

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