Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bourne Again

I'm back! It's amazing what watching one of your favorite characters will do for you. I'm in the middle of cleaning house, taking down the Christmas ornaments and about to put another Bourne DVD in to keep me company. I'm psyched about my story still and I'm going to try to write tonight. NO! I WILL write tonight. I figure I'm getting enough exercise packing and moving boxes today so I'm skipping the gym. Will start again with that next week for sure. I got through the first section of my CP's work so I'm making progress on that. I'm ever so grateful to Suzanne McMinn for her blog post from yesterday. It helped put me in the right direction of taking control of my life again and not settling for being overloaded. If you have time, you should check her out! I've got to get back to work, but you have a great Saturday and I'll catch you later!


Crystal said...

Good for you! Feels good when you start to get everything just the way you need it to be! Of coarse a little Matt Damon will sure fix what no one else can!!!LOL!

Lexi said...

Well, things aren't quite the way I need them to be, but I'm taking control to make that happen. And yep, Matt works for me!