Thursday, December 03, 2009


Got a really wonderful rejection from an agent today. Positive things she said were, "I think you have a really great writing style and your voice is also very compelling...." But it's still a rejection. And I really liked her. So I'm allowing myself to wallow for 24 hours. Then I can't whine about it or be miserable. I need to jump back on that horse and gallop toward the next...hurdle????


Shari said...

Wallow, wallow, wallow! Take an extra day if ya want - we all do when we hear about how wonderful we are, but ultimately not marketable or whatever. I can't ever just say one day I'm going to be sad, and the next I'm over it. I do continue to work. You must have more self-esteem than I do! LOL Sometimes it takes me a few days to get over the disappointment.

I'm sorry I'm going to miss the Christmas party - daughter has a Choir Concert. See ya at Threadgills in January?!

Kerry Blaisdell said...

I got one of those recently, too. The MS went around the whole agency, and the vote was "very close," but ultimately they passed. Said I had "unique, memorable characters," and a "great hook." Sigh.

But I've got other irons in the fire. Very good (er, hot?) irons. :) My rule is, one rejection in, another query out. Keep sending them - you'll hit the right person at the right time eventually!

Avery Beck said...

Pooh, but as tough as agents usually are on writers, you're doing awesome to get a letter like that!

P.S. Can you send me your mailing address or do you want to wait until January meeting for the book? :-)