Saturday, April 30, 2005

And Still I Can't Write!

The good news? I managed to get my partial off to the agent I met with in San Antonio at the Merritt conference. Yay!

The bad news? I haven't written anymore. I've got great ideas and even planned exactly what I would write for my very last scene while I stood in the line at the post office. Yet, I still haven't put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards for the manuscript. Of course, I've sent out a bunch of e-mails and checked friends' websites, but I can't get back to work!

More good news? I got an old critique partner back. Nic ( critiqued my first manuscript that went to an editor after the 2003 contest win. She is awesome and I've often told her she should be working as an editor somewhere. Now, with the trio of critique partners I have, Brenda, Nic and Deb, you'd think I'd be eager to finish the manuscript and get their feedback, right?

Noooooo. Even they can't kick my butt into working. Guess I have to find the willpower to do that on my own. Either that or my next hero and heroine will kick my butt into gear so that I can get to their story!

Maybe tomorrow...


Brenda said...

~kick in the tush~ Work!

Does that mean I get to use Nic too? HUH? HUH? Does it?! And I didn't know Deb was critiquing!! Dang, we almost have us a "group" going. Of course, I have Shari and Gina too. Hmm. Almost a cult, if ya think about it.

Did you sign up for Mary's online synopsis class?

Lexi said...

No, I didn't sign up for that class. I've got enough crap going on with trying to finish UCOD and all the stuff happening with the end of the school year- 3-day field trip to West TX, lots of grading, G/T class & homework, planning for my own summer trips, etc.