Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And Still No Writing...

So, I'm bored and should be doing something else, right? What do I do? I check out my blog and click on all the links just to make sure no news has been added to anyone else's site. I check out Sandra Moore's blog, 'cause I just finished ORCHID HUNTER (Different kind of story, but well worth reading!) over the weekend. I've been checking Emily's but there's no new news. Of course, I check Brenda's and she hasn't added to it yet today. Evelyn Vaughn, Ingrid Weaver...you get the point. I checked them all out.

Well, I get to Suz Brockmann's website and I'm immediately lost in the information. (Have I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE Suz Brockmann???) I'm reading about all the books I have read and all the ones I need to read still. I'm reading about her appearances and about the excerpts she puts in the backs of her books. AND...it got me thinking about my own book and that I may have a reason for not being able to finish.

I have specific scenes that I expect to be in the end of the book. I think they should be there and they go good with the rest of the story. BUT, I'm starting to think just maybe they don't belong! Maybe this not wanting to write thing goes back to not letting my characters tell their own story. So, just maybe I have to write, let them tell the story and let the Bombshell heroine I've unmasked do her work!

Ultimately, I know I have to keep writing because when I do finally get the call, they'll probably want more books. Oh, Sandra Moore helped too, because I read her excerpt about her "Call". Like her, I started targeting Silhouette Intimate Moments, but my heart (and my writing) has always leaned toward the action and suspense stories rather than dwelling on the romance. I firmly believe that (among other things) is why I haven't been able to get my own "Call" yet.

Hopefully things will change...soon...but only if I get back to writing!

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