Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh Mon Dieu!

So, I'm working the aftercare program at school (glorified babysitting). One day, the other ladies and I sat around talking about the clubs we're offering the students. I noticed that we have foreign language club listed, but we don't have an actual teacher for this. The ladies and I start talking about the languages we took in high school and college and how we hardly remember much of them. Without a true gift for languages, the five years of French I took have virtually disappeared from my brain. We continued talking and thought maybe we could set it up so the kids learned simple information in a few different languages. I casually mentioned that I've been trying to pick up my study of French for some years now but just haven't actually gone and done it. End of discussion. End of workday. I happily went home to interview my hero and watch TV.

Well, somehow the boss of the aftercare program must've thought I seriously wanted to TEACH FRENCH. The next day when we were talking about the club again, she informed me that I would only have to teach 2 weeks in a row (one hour a week) and it would be every few weeks. I guess there was some kind of look on my face akin to horror because someone added, "It'll be easy. We just have to download lesson plans." We can just teach them colors, numbers, simple phrases, they reassured me.

Are they nuts? Have either of them ever had to prepare lessons? Where would I find the time to download lesson plans and make fun lessons for an after school club? Didn't I have enough to do with my 3 Language Arts classes, 1 Science class, 3 sets of Big Buddies to organize, a test taking class to prepare, a book fair to organize and award winning manuscripts to write? Oh yeah, I did want to try and have a life this school year too.

But after a while, I started thinking about this. I've been wanting to pick up my study of French for years. Plus, it'll look good on my resume, especially since I hope to someday be working with English Language Learners on a regular basis. The kids that will be in the club will most likely be excited and that will inspire me. So, I guess it won't be so bad after all. A bientot!


Anonymous said...

I've forgotten most of my French, too, which is sad. I bet teaching the class will be fun!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman. I would have thrown myself to the ground screaming, "NOooooo!!!"