Saturday, March 04, 2006

And The Beat Goes On...

So I finally answered a question for someone else on the Kiss of Death loop. I always feel bad because I never seem to know the answers to the questions people pose. This one I did know. Figures. It was a question about shots of tequila.

Got my replacement printer last night. Yay! Decided to wait until this morning to hook it up and start a-printing. Only, they sent me the wrong one. It's nicer and I thought, "Gee, I can install this and keep it." WRONG! I can't possibly install it without the proper reference guide and other assorted information. (I know. I've already tried.) So, now I have TWO printers in my office and NEITHER of them is working! And of course, it's Saturday and the office for real, live human support is closed until Monday.

My current manuscript is going well. Life has finally slowed down enough for me to spend hours reading, which I did last night. I've never read a Kinley MacGregor book before, although I've heard WONDERFUL things about her writing. I like it, enough that I read about 200 pages just yesterday. But it's more of a romance than I usually read. I'm the type of reader who loves action (and danger, most of the time). This type of story is great for me to read every once in a while, because I SOOO love the hero! I just can't see myself reading another Kinley MacGregor right after this. Don't get me wrong, I love her writing and the way she has drawn me in even without the heavy action. I can certainly see why she's so popular and I can definitely learn a thing or two from her.

Okay. I'm off to pick up the house before I dive back into the wonderful world of Aidan and Rachel. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, and it's now less than a week before spring break! Yay!!!

Double oh! I didn't get the summer job in Spain, but they're considering me for a teaching position. Am still applying for a job in Tokyo and a couple more in Europe. Then again, I had a wonderful week at work and seriously started thinking about how I want to run my classes next year. Only time will tell what will be...

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Keep us posted on the job front, and way to go on the writing as well!