Monday, March 20, 2006

Fractured Paradise

Hello out there! I thought for sure I'd posted a blog entry before my spring break, but apparently not. Guess my brain went on vacation early. But here I am, back home and ready to tackle the last 10 weeks of the school year.

For spring break I went to Kauai, Hawaii. It was to be the major event of 2006 for me. I'd saved my money, planned my activities and I'd been looking forward to it for months. Although I had fun and I did get to relax, the trip was disappointing. It rained. Every single day. It was the worst batch of storms they'd had in something like 10 years. Which led to the worst natural disaster on the island for 14 years. It rained. It flooded. People got swept away. Roads closed for two days. Clouds came in. It rained some more. When the sun did finally appear, people were told not to go out into the ocean since the water was too murky and contaminated. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, I was sick as a dog when I arrived.

But all was not lost. I, unlike some people there, have been fortunate enough to have been there before. I've seen this island in all its beauty. Granted that was almost 23 years ago, but still. I had memories. So, I sucked it up and made the most of my time on the island. My cold left me after a couple of days. I managed to get 4 sunny afternoons. I went shopping, saw 3 beautiful sunsets, one incredible sunrise. I ate in some awesome restaurants overlooking beautiful scenery. I managed to go swimming one day and get a few rays of sun. I shopped some more, saw some more beautiful scenery, including a monk seal. I read, wrote, relaxed and wrote some more. I even picked a title that I really love for my Scottish contemporary, Fractured Paradise.

The one thing I truly regret is that I didn't get my helicopter ride over the Na Pali Coast. I've never been in a helicopter and this was going to be my chance. Oh well, I've waited this long. What's a few more years? I'll get my helicopter ride someday!

Now comes the sad part of vacation. Dealing with reality. I go back to work tomorrow to begin the last 10 weeks of the school year. I know I'll be fine when I get there and get back in the groove, but right now I don't even want to think about it. I've spent the last 11 days relaxing and doing exactly what I wanted when I wanted. It's going to be hard to throw myself back into the fire pit. But I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman!

And I need a cup of tea.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hey...wondered where you were!

Sorry the weather was icky for your trip, but it sounds like you made the most of it. Glad you're back safe and sound.

Love the title!