Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Let me start by saying I'm forever thankful for my quick recovery. Today (yes, for me it's still Monday) marks 3 weeks since my surgery. I'm doing so well that I often forget I'm still recovering.

My CP and I have been rereading FP to send to the agent who requested the full. I contacted the woman last week saying it would be along soon. I'm hoping and praying that it will be ready to go tomorrow. It would have been sooner if not for this recovery. My mind is sharp, but my body can't handle sitting at the computer for long periods of time yet without cramping and aching. So, I revise a chapter on the computer, then I print out the next one to critique on the couch. Then I get back on the computer to make the changes and print the next one to critique. It's a very long process. My only consolation is the agent is probably used to waiting for submissions to some degree and the revisions are making it an even more well-rounded story. (Well, at least in my mind and my CP's mind!)

Other than that, I have to force myself to remember I'm recovering. My groceries are bagged light so I can carry them one bag at a time into the house. I take the garbage out every single day. My neighbor's offered to do whatever I need done. Oh! And I got on the scale today. Since this whole fibroid scare started, I've lost about 14lbs too! Another 5-10lbs and I'll be at my goal weight, a number I haven't seen in years! I feel so good and so like myself, it's a struggle to slow down and ask for help when I need it. Still, I also get tired and a bit weak (yet, not so weak anymore) pretty easily.

In the end, I'm thrilled with how my body and mind are dealing with the recovery. Even if I sometimes get frustrated that my body isn't able to keep up with my mind yet. That'll come. I just have to remember that, believe it. My doctor I visited today said the muscles of the stomach are still adjusting even after 6 weeks. I've got plenty of time to be all that I can be.

Okay, so that thing about being at the computer too long? It's now. So I think I'll go to bed.


TJ Brown said...

It is difficult to remember, but if you forget, your body will remind you!

And thanks for the shout out!

Bailey Stewart said...

Sounds like your recovery is going well - and Teri's right, your body will let you know.

Congrats with the weight loss.

Lexi said...

Yes, after this medical crisis, I've learned to listen very closely to my body and my gut instinct.

Bailey, I'm halfway to my goal weight!