Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pooh For a Moment, But Then I'm Moving On!

Stupid, rotten New England Patriots! Why couldn't they play better? Why tease us with a near-perfect season only to lose in the end? Still, congrats to the New York Giants. They played well, and they deserved to win the Super Bowl.

Okay, in crafting my AWESOME chapter one, I managed to drop down on my progress meter by a couple of pages. Still, the opening is much stronger and shortly I'll be e-mailing it to my CP. Then I decided to take the rest of the night off from writing. I'm still reading Julie Garwood's Slow Burn, only my 2nd book of the year. I've got about 130 pages left so I intend to finish that tonight while I drown my Super Bowl sorrows with a few more lovely libations.

Monday through Friday I will once again try to write as much as I can on my manuscript. Then next weekend I guess will be devoted to revising chapter 2. I do love the story and everything within me says this might be THE ONE. Of course, I thought that with the last few too, but here I am still unpublished. But seriously, this time I think I might have a shot. I'm back writing in a sub-genre I love and I've learned so much about craft over the last 2 years of writing contemporaries. We'll see. If Danger doesn't sell, I'm still sure that it will bring my career much happiness in some way. In the end, as long as I'm moving forward, then I'll be happy. After all, the road to publication is a journey. And life is all about the journey, not the destination.


TJ Brown said...

Let's hear it for the journey!

And that was an amazing game:)

Lexi said...

Teri, my students are going to harass me to no end tomorrow, but I'll be ready for them. It was like the Patriots never left New England. UGH.

Shari said...

Hope you enjoyed the book more than you did the game! LOL Good luck with your writing plans.

Lexi said...

No, Shari, not really. I was quite disappointed with both.