Friday, February 22, 2008

Yippeeeeeee! It's Friday!

My weekend will be spent diving into grading papers, figuring out averages and preparing for parent conferences on Monday. I intend to spend some quality time with my manuscript as well. (And maybe some time with my favorite action hero, Jason Bourne.) Someone I critique for needs me, so I'll be working on that too. And I plan to enter Danger in another contest soon so I need to tighten up my first chapter. Yes, I know I sent it to a contest already and I'm quite sure I shouldn't have, but it's done. I can't do anything about it. Moving on. I'll be sending the chapter to my CP this weekend too to get her take on it and for her to rip it apart (and remind me why I definitely shouldn't have sent it as is).

Before all this wonderful work for the day job and the dream job, I'll be out visiting with old friends, having dinner and a nice cold beer. A few of us teachers and staff members get together once a month to catch up and...well, complain. It's always a good time. So, I'm off to the meeting location even though the meeting doesn't start for a while yet. I figure I can beat traffic, get some more grading done and have a snack...or a drink. Hey, it IS Friday! Or I might just go there, write and...have that drink. I'll let you know later what I choose to do. Have a good night! (Or day, depending on your place on the planet!)

Update: Wine, scones and manuscript pages.
Thursday word count: 244
Friday word count: 445
Total Lenten charity amount: $8.20

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