Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Stuff

By the time this gets posted:

I will be on my way to the Austin RWA writing workshop where the lovely and talented Jan Hudson will lead us through an important element of the writing process- Scene & Sequel.

I will be closer to HOPEFULLY winning 2 items from the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction. Have you checked it out? I like to check out what the prices are for the items I'd love to get but could NEVER afford.

I will be TWO weeks away from starting my summer journey! First stop? Berlin to visit the second cousin I was named after.

Avery Beck
will STILL be celebrating her first release, Sexy By Design. Better late than never, but CONGRATULATIONS, Avery! Go ahead and stop by her blog to congratulate her.

What's on tap for your weekend?


Natalie Murphy said...

Nothing as exciting as yours!!

I will be writing, writing, writing! I might go see a movie as well, I'm not sure yet.

Have fun!

Lexi said...

Natalie, I hope you get LOTS of writing done! And a movie is the PERFECT reward for all your hard work. Let me know what you decided to see.

Natalie Murphy said...

Thanks! I had a slow start to the day, but I did get a lot down eventually. I didn't end up going to the movie, but I'm going out tomorrow for dinner and maybe Angels and Demons? I'm not sure yet. But the dinner is to celebrate 50 000 words! So I am exicted.

Avery Beck said...

Thanks, Lexi! Hope you had fun at the workshop!

Lexi said...

Natalie, 50,000 words is HUGE! Congrats! Celebrate, but then get back to work, missy!

Avery, anytime! And the workshop was great, as usual.

Natalie Murphy said...

Haha yeah. We went out to dinner and then went shopping! Normally shopping isnt a favourite of mine, but we got reeeeeeally lucky today. So I'm happy. And I will be getting back to work, just gotta get the umph to do it!