Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hi, Hi!

Just checking in with you! Nothing much to report here. I've been in staff development for the last 2 days, celebrating the end of school with meals out and a few margaritas. I FINALLY finished reading Lisa Scottoline's Daddy's Girl. Loved it, but I took way too long reading it. Tomorrow I'm going to a family reunion...for my brother's wife & in-laws. He and I are going to sit in the back of the patio, sipping our drinks and watching the family drama take place. (Hhhmmm, maybe I'll get some good stories!) I'm running out of time for my Danger revisions. One week to go before I send it to my CPs! Chapter 7 started giving me as much trouble as chapter 3 was a few weeks ago. So I skipped it and started working on chapter 8 earlier this week. I'm making slow progress with 7 now and hopefully this weekend (well, Sunday, really) I'll be able to work through a rough idea of 7 AND finish 8. I figure if I'm still not happy with chapter 7 it's not a big deal. I know my CPs will be able to brainstorm me through the rough patch!

What's on tap for your weekend?

A LITTLE LATER: Chapter 7's working!!! I LOVE this story...again.

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