Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm A Winner!!!

So during the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction, I managed to bid on several things until they got out of my price range. BUT there were two items that I won!

First is a lunch at RWA Nationals with suspense author Dianne Emley! I admit I haven't read her books yet, but before I bid on the lunch I checked out her website. She seems to be a really neat person and her excerpts are fantastic!

The second item I won is extra special to me. I'm getting an autographed ARC from my idol,

This man single-handedly set me on a course to become a writer. He is responsible for my love of suspense and justice. As a 7th grader, I wrote my first 100+ page story, which turned out to be A-Team fan fiction. The years that followed had me writing fan fiction for many of his other shows (Hardcastle & McCormick, Wiseguy, Riptide, 21 Jumpstreet, Hunter, Silk Stalkings, just to name a few). These shows sparked creative stories of my own, with characters I always hoped would be worthy of Mr. Cannell. To a sick child who couldn't always do what the other kids did, his TV shows offered me a world to which I could belong, a world I could help create. I still get giddy talking about his influence on my life. And now, to be getting this autographed ARC, I'm twelve again, star-struck and emotional. So thank you to Brenda Novak for having this auction, letting me help the community with my donation, and for connecting one girl to her idol even in a small way!


Anonymous said...

Woot! That's fantastic, Lexi! :)

Lexi said...

Thanks, Bonnie! I'm still giddy!