Saturday, November 06, 2010

Live From The Retreat!

Turns out we do have internet at the retreat, although I'm trying not to get on too much.

I'm almost at 11,000 words total on my NaNo manuscript, and I'm in the "this book sucks" stage.


Cat Schield said...

It doesn't suck. It's your internal editor trying to get you to give up. Bad internal editor. You just keep going. It's all fixable.

Cindy Procter-King said...

Way to go. It's supposed to suck. Embrace the suckability. Later, you'll be amazed at your brilliance.

Lexi said...

Yes! I embraced the suckability and have had a WONDERFUL time getting to know my characters. I finally reached the point where I LOVE my hero because he just showed me how vulnerable he really is while he tried to hide that from the heroine. She'll get it out of him, though!

Anonymous said...

I read Ally Carter's( published author) website and found this. She said" first drafts are made of misspelled words, horrible grammar and confusing metadores. And you know's supposed to be that way."

Ally Carter

But I'm sure it's great in reality. Be confident, Lexi!!!!

Lexi said...

LOL! I will be confident once I know more of what's supposed to be happening! So far I've shot the heroine, blinded her, given her bruised ribs and almost hit her on the head today. No, not all of these things will happen to her, but I'm just writing them all to see which one clicks for the real story. Gotta get back to it!