Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Just had to create my own blog since my critique partner (CP) and friend, Brenda Bradshaw, started one. Actually, I've been stuck going to read her posts daily and finally thought, "Why don't I do something like that?" Although, I am extremely computer illiterate and thought it would be much harder. (Sh! I don't think the machines like me!)

That's all right. I may not know my way around hard drives and CPUs, but ask me about murders, kidnappings, fights and chases, and I can talk for hours!

My name is Chris (okay, Christine really) and I am a romantic suspense writer.

As you can tell from the top of the blog, I'm not published yet. But I'm damn close. As writers call it, I'm in the "Almost There" stage. That means I'm at the point where I know I'm good, I've got all my ducks lined up and yet I still want to stick that pencil point through my eye!

In my next post, I'll probably tell you how I got to this point in my writing career and the absolutely wonderful people who have helped me get here. (Hi Nancy, best friend in the whole wide world!) I thought about doing it now, but I'm exhausted. So, be sure to tune in to hear me rant and rave about my journey! Thanks for stopping by!

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Brenda Bradshaw said...

Woot! Go CHRIS! Told ya it was easy. Mind if I link you in from my site? ~grin~

Can't wait for Saturday!!! If you want, I can come a bit early (I think..what time does it start?) and we'll go over chapter 1 again. You're're on the edge, baby, and soon, you'll tumble over the side and fall into The Land of the Published.

I just hope I'm right behind you!