Saturday, February 03, 2007

Baby Steps

Congratulate me! I've written at least 100 words a day for a whole week! The muse is visiting more often. The fears and doubts are dormant for now. The new hero and heroine are ready to share their story, their pain. They're ready to find their happiness. More importantly, I'm ready to listen.

I got my scores back from the Hook, Line & Sinker contest. I was extremely pleased. 50 points was the highest I could get. My suspense (which took 3rd in the contest) got 50, 50, 49. My contemporary (which took 5th) got 50, 50, 43. I think this helped me get back on track too.

I played around with my query for the contemporary again this morning. It's closer to being ready and I'm closer to loving it. I think I've dealt long enough with my fear of failure (and success, for that matter) and I need to get it out.

When I started getting some personal rejections, I created a powerpoint presentation for myself and my stories. When I started my contemporary series, I created another PPT for Lexi Connor. This morning I pinned down the blurb for my newest manuscript. It's hard to explain, but doing that made me realize that I can do anything. I'm capable of telling a great story. I'm able to create characters that readers love (and hate sometimes!). Blurbs don't scare me so much anymore.

I'll still take baby steps, but I'm ready for the next phase of my writing career.


Bailey Stewart said...

Lexi, that's great! Those are some pretty good scores too. Keep it up and I'll have to start a shrine for you too. *gg* (Just don't tell Jill.)

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on the writing!!! That's great!!!

Lexi said...

Awww, Bailey, you just made my day!

Tori, thanks! I'm so relieved to be back "at work".

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Way to go! That's the way to think positive (and be an inspiration to the rest of us). ;)

TJBrown said...

Because I had like NO idea who you were!!!! Jeeze! Freak me out. I was thinking about asking on the blog if anyone knew where Ck had gone!!!

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous about the writing :)

Lexi said...

Thanks, Elisabeth and Bonnie. Teri, have no fear. You can't get rid of me THAT easily!