Monday, April 09, 2007

Slicing & Dicing

May 7th. There's a slight possibility they'll be able to do it May 1st, but I'm not too hopeful for that. I asked the lady scheduling the surgery a whole bunch of questions. Of course, the most important one was 4-5 weeks after surgery will I be able to fly? I told her I booked my vacation back in January before all this came up. She said as long as everything goes according to plan, I should be ready for my trip. Of course my ever practical stepfather says I should still go to the travel agent to book the rest of my trip plans and I should also buy the insurance just in case I can't go in June. I'm hoping that I make a wonderful and fast recovery and that just the idea of recuperating in Ireland and Scotland is enough to get me there!

Now I can really start to wrap my head around the whole idea of being sliced open again. The thought is enough to make me sick to my stomach. And school. I have 19 days left with my kids. I have A LOT of work to do in those 19 days. Maybe that will help keep my mind occupied for a while so I'm not thinking of surgery every single second of every single day.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I'll be thinking of you, Lexie. Try to stay strong (and sane) until then.

Your trip sounds awesome. I'm sure you'll recover well in Ireland and Scotland.

Bailey Stewart said...

Thinking of Ireland would help me.

I, too, will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Too funny - my verification is "udadu"

Kelly said...

Good luck! At least you have the trip to look forward to after the surgery!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Good luck to you.