Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't Stop The Madness!

When I started my 100 words for my challenge today, I couldn't really think of anything to write about on the 3 Scottish contemporaries I've got going. Nor could I do anything with the suspense that has pretty much died. So what did I choose to write? Words for Scottish contemporary #4! Now I've got FOUR couples throwing phrases, descriptions and words of wisdom at me. Madness, I say! I wish I could feel finished with one before I start on this 4th story. But hey, while Caitlin is visiting, I might as well take advantage of her generosity. (Caitlin's my muse. Did I tell you about her? Yes, I named her. Oh no, wait. She CHOSE to tell me her name. Yeah, that's it.)

So there's FP- the finished manuscript that needs to be revised. I'd sent it to the Harlequin Romance slush pile and then I got interest from an editor...twice.
There's TCAFS- the near to finished one I intend to start querying agents with next month. This is also the one going into the Golden Heart. (This is the one an editor gave me great feedback on during Nationals.)
There's HHC- the one I brainstormed on my Austin RWA writing retreat, potentially the next one once the first 2 are completely finished. (This is the one with the killer first line!)
And the latest one, ABR- I'd started this one back in January, but the characters needed more time to sew their wild oats.

I'm off to create more chaos for my fictional Scottish village! (PS: This is NOT the allergy drugs talking!)


Kristen Painter said...

Are you sure it's not the allergy drugs? They do strange things to me.

Lexi said...

Yeah, Kristen, I'm pretty sure. I haven't felt this clear-headed in days.

Then again, I'm a writer. How clear-headed can I be?