Friday, September 14, 2007


It's Friday! Yeah!

Tomorrow is my Austin RWA writing retreat. 2 whole days of doing nothing but writing related activities. We've got brainstorming sessions, critiquing sessions, personal writing time, a happy hour and plenty of time to visit. It was SO wonderful last year. I'm hoping I'll get that fire restarted under me and I'll get back to work. I've got to stop being a slacker!

I've immersed myself back into my fictional Scottish world...and my muse returned. Well, maybe "returned" isn't the right word. She peeked into my office for a while. I plan to load up on my Scottish inspiration (videos, music, rereading previous manuscripts) tonight so I will be ready to "go forth and write much" over the weekend.

As for the suspense, the hero gave me teeny, tiny glimpse of what he wanted today while I was driving. So, I'm going to jot down his ideas and then play around with them over this weekend too if the hero will let me. (Pretty please with sugar on top?)

I didn't go to Julie Ortolon's party last night for her new book Unforgettable. I had some family stuff come up, but I'm not worried. She's so awesome, I know she had a lot of people planning to go!

Congrats to two blog friends who recently did well in contests! Cat Schield took 1st place in the short contemporary category of the TARA contest with the Heart of the Negotiation. Not only that, she ALSO got a full manuscript request! Kelly Boyce finaled in the Toronto Golden Opportunity contest in the historical category with Desire and Brimstone. Way to go, ladies!

And FINALLY my friend Meggie MacDougall in Scotland updated her blog! Three cheers for Meggie! It's been about 5 weeks or so since she last posted. I love hearing about her little village. As I told her, I was about to board a plane to search for her...and for a hot Scotsman for myself! Meggie PROMISES to blog regularly again, but I won't believe it until I see it.

I'll blog when I get home Sunday to share all I've accomplished with you. Until then, have a safe and happy weekend!


Nita Wick said...

Hope you have a great time at the writing retreat!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Nita! I'm hoping to be newly inspired and tossed back on track to putting books #1 & #2 to rest AND heavily plotting book #3 in the series!