Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Than Enough To Do

And of course, not enough time to do it all! Honestly, I don't know how those of you with families get any writing accomplished. I admire you all!

A crazy friend of mine (Hi, Monika!) challenged me to write 50,000 words by December 31st. We both knew we wouldn't be able to participate in NaNoWriMo, but we wanted to do something. Foolishly I said yes. So now we have to write an average of 650 new words a day between now and 12/31. Um, WHAT WAS I THINKING?????

But, I'm amazed with how much more writing time I'm finding in the day. I write for a 1/2 hour before school, which puts me in a great mood. Then during my lunch hour I write when I finish eating, which keeps me in a good mood or puts me back in one.

However, I really need to focus on Danger's revisions now. My CP, brilliant woman that she is, has been reminding me that I really need to take a glance at this whole situation from a business standpoint. I am no longer a hobby writer. I haven't called myself that in a long time, but now I've passed into another level I think. Danger is a good enough story to publish. I firmly believe that. Of course, I still need to finish revising it so someone will want to represent it AND someone else will want to buy it.

So, after tailgating for the UT/ Missouri football game today and watching the game tonight, I'll be jumping into my "new life" with both feet tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Cat Schield said...

Well, I'm hanging my head in shame. 50,000 words by December 31st sounds like a noble calling. I've taken the last week off and I'm beginning to feel guilty. I'm going to go one more week then get back at it. Sometimes you just need a break.

TJ Brown said...

Good luck on that. And I love Tailgating!

Also, can you get in touch with me via email? I can't find your blasted address!

Cindy Procter-King said...

I did NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago. I surpassed the 50k, but I'm still dealing with the outfall (working on that particular manuscript). I've discovered that fast drafts are not for me. (I've worked on other stuff inbetween).

I think I agree to get Danger revised and get it out there. If you can do that and also the 50K, that's great. Me, I'd have to focus on one or the other.

Lexi said...

Don't feel guilty, Cat! We all need breaks.

Lexi said...

Teri, tailgating was LOTS of fun AND my team won.

Lexi said...

Cindy, at least you learned something about your writing process by doing NaNoWriMo.

I'm still planning to focus on Danger because it's an awesome story that deserves to be told in the best possible way. And hey, if I don't finish 50,000 words by 12/31, what does it really matter in the long run? As long as I'm making progress on my goals, I'll be happy.

Avery Beck said...

My brother graduated from Mizzou. I'm thinking he wasn't happy with the way things turned out. LOL