Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shopping Treasures

Last night I'd planned on telling you what books I picked up at the bookstore. Finaling in the Finally A Bride Contest kinda gave me something else to think about.

So, here are the books I bought with my birthday gift card and the reasons behind the purchases:
Laura Iding (the blue book) and Emily McKay are two friends who happen to have books out this month, so naturally I'm supporting them and getting a great read too!

I loved Kerry Connor's 1st Intrigue so I wanted this one.

Jeff Abbott was our guest speaker at my Austin RWA meeting a couple of nights ago and I confess I actually bought this that night so I could have him sign it.

John Hart is new to me, but the cover caught my eye, the back cover blurb got me to open to the first page and the writing kept me interested. So I had to buy it.

Julie Miller's Intrigue had a great cover and the story sounded just right for me.

I'd already checked out and was at the front of the store waiting for my friend and I saw this Lisa Scottoline book. I've heard wonderful things about her writing, so I figured I'd check it out while waiting. Well, before I knew it I was giggling in the front of the store, so I got back in the check-out line and bought it!