Saturday, November 15, 2008

Enough About Me

I thought it was time I actually talked about someone other than myself for a while. There's so much good news around me.

This one is a bit overdue, but the sentiment and good wishes are still there! My blog buddy and recent returnee to the Austin RWA Avery Beck sold!!! Congrats, Avery! Click here to find out the details.

Another Austin RWA member, Skye, received her first offer too! Woohoo, Skye! (I'd give you a link, but I don't have anything to link you to.)

Emily Mckay's new book, Baby Benefits, is a great read! And one of my favorite suspense authors, Laura Griffin, signed a contract for 3 more books! (And both of these ladies are also members of the Austin RWA chapter.)

Jess Dawson (yep, ANOTHER Austin member!) gave us a great talk about life in the Army at last week's meeting. We celebrated Jess that night because she's being deployed to Iraq in less than 2 weeks. (Please keep her and her family in your prayers.) She's got a blog that she plans to keep up while she's deployed.

Nita Wick has a release date for her new book, The Wagonmaster. The excerpt on her blog sounds great! You should check it out.


Avery Beck said...

Oh, how I love that sweet s-word (sold, lol). Thanks for spreading the news!

Lexi said...

Absolutely welcome, Avery! It's a HUGE accomplishment (and gives me hope). I look forward to pimping your actual release!

Nita Wick said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the plug!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

I love hearing great news like that! :)

Lori Borrill said...

Wow, lots of good stuff going on in Austin! Congrats everyone!

Lexi said...

Anytime, Nita!

Bonnie, I love SHARING good news!

Yes, Lori, Austin RWA is a talented bunch!