Monday, November 17, 2008

And Now Back To Me

What's Going On In My Writing World:
Tuesday 11/18-Thursday 11/20-- Finish revising chapter 4 of Danger
Friday 11/21- Saturday 11/22-- Revise as much of chapter 5 of Danger as possible
Sunday 11/23-Monday 11/24--Review & revise Danger for Golden Heart entry, prepare entry
Tuesday 11/25--Mail Golden Heart entry to RWA Nationals!!!!
Thanksgiving Break-read, relax, read, write on the yet-to-be-named Scottish suspense and continue Danger revisions (2 chapters? 3?)
I'd like to have Danger revisions "completed" AGAIN by the time I get out of school for winter break, which is 31 days! Then I guess I better think again about another round of agent queries. Over winter break I'll also play around with Broken Promises OR the new one. Or maybe I'll just take the 2 weeks off to play and be a normal, non-neurotic individual. Nah. What fun would that be?


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Normal? There are "normal" writers? I'd sure like to meet one some day. *;?)

On an unrelated note, I know someone who knows Skye! Weird, huh? My "sister" (friends since we were 1.5 yrs old) Molly is Skye's good friend, so give her a congrats shout out from me! *:?)

TJ Brown said...

good job on getting those revisions done. Good luck on the Golden Heart! I need to enter the Ritas!

Cindy Procter-King said...

Congrats for sending off your GH entry. I sent my RITA entries off yesterday.

Lexi said...

No, Kerry, I don't think there are normal writers! As for Skye, small world, isn't it?

Teri, I haven't done the revisions yet, but thanks! And yes, you do need to get those books in for the Rita!

Cindy, I wish I'd already sent it off. That's NEXT Tuesday. Good luck for the Rita!

Avery Beck said...

Good luck with the GH, I'll be watching for your name!