Friday, January 01, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

In 2009, I:
Lost my grandfather
Lost 20lbs
Visited England and Edinburgh twice
Visited Berlin
Met my online writing friend Cat
Became a HUGE Leverage fan
Attended RWA Nationals
Met my Celtic Hearts President, Eliza Knight, in person
Had lunch with Dianne Emley
Saw an old friend and her family I've missed for a while
Met my cousin's first baby for the first time a week after she was born
Attended my 20-year high school reunion and reconnected with some old friends
Moved into my own house
Gained 20lbs
Won NaNoWriMo
Got a laptop
Got an iPod
Thought seriously about getting a cell phone (planning to do it soon!)

In 2010, I will:
Be more outgoing
Be more adventurous
Be more patient
Get healthy (again)
Exercise my body and my brain regularly
Make new friends (and keep some of the old)

In writing in 2010, I will:
Finish at least 2 manuscripts
Serve my Celtic Hearts and Kiss of Death chapters well
Take a more assertive stance toward making my writing goal a reality.
Critique for 2 contests
Enter only contests that will truly help advance my career
Hunt for an agent

In the month of January, I will:
Write a 1st chapter for both my next suspense and my next Scottish short contemporary
Perhaps toy with synopses for both stories too
Figure out which one I will concentrate on this spring

In 2010, I would love to:
Find an agent
Get "The Call"
Write 3 good manuscripts and a partial of a 4th
(I realize 2 of these are not completely in my control, however I vow to do my part to make them a reality!)

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