Sunday, January 24, 2010

Someone Was Watching Me

Yesterday I was supposed to have lunch with my sister-in-law and the kids. I got in the car and started my 15-minute drive to the restaurant. While on the highway, I noticed the car shaking a bit and the faint noise reminded me of helicopter blades whoop-whooping. I figured I should probably take the car in to get it checked out soon, although no lights were on and I just had it inspected about a month ago. Then the shaking got worse as I increased my speed. Huh. So I slowed down. But the shaking continued, got worse. The steering wheel started jerking out of my hands. My heart began to pound faster. Harder. I flipped on my blinker and prayed the jerk in my way would hurry up. I slid off the highway and came to a stop light. No noise, no lights. I drove under 40 miles an hour to the restaurant. Inside, my hands didn't stop shaking for 10 minutes. I think my heart was still thumping fast too! I asked my s-i-l to follow me to the shop and then drop me at home after lunch. We didn't get far. The shaking had morphed into thumping and loud, obnoxious noises. Turned out one of the front tires was flat. But it wasn't just flat. When the AAA guy took it off to put the donut tire on he said I was lucky I didn't lose control of the car on the highway. After studying the SLICED tire, I figured I was lucky it hadn't blown completely on the highway. With my donut, I went to the tire shop and got 2 new front tires (the other one was looking pretty weak too). So, $$$ in the hole, but so happy to be safe!

This morning, where am I? Saying a prayer to thank my guardian angel.

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Unknown said...

You are one lucky girl!