Thursday, October 28, 2010

And An Answer

I opened my emails after my sub job today and found a rejection on my Scottish story. Yes, it's sad, BUT the editor gave me LOTS of details to explain why it didn't work for them. The details will definitely help me with my future stories! She also said some wonderful things about my writing and encouraged me to start writing something else to submit to them and be sure to "cc" it to her as well.

As is my way of handling a rejection, I'm going to treat myself to dinner (with a birthday gift card) and I'm going to wallow for 24 hours. (22 1/2 now!) Then I'm going to study her words and prepare to make the NaNo book all it can be!


Tracy said...

Sorry to hear that! :(

Lexi said...

Thanks, Tracy, but I'm already almost over it! I see it for the gift it is and can't wait to use the advice on my next story.