Monday, October 18, 2010


National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a writing challenge during the month of November. Each year thousands of people from all over the globe enter in hopes of finishing 50,000 words on a new story in 30 days.

I had heard about this throughout the years, but I never considered doing it. A few years ago I followed my blog friend Kelly Boyce as she talked about her NaNo experience. Thanks to Kelly, I took the plunge last year and joined. I never actually thought I'd write 50,000 words. I just wanted to push myself and see what I could accomplish. Well, I did win and that revised manuscript is the one I sent to the editor 3 weeks ago.

I had so much fun being part of the NaNo community, learning about myself as a writer and completing a 50,000 story that I've decided to join this year as well. I'm already excited to get busy. I'm working now on learning all I can about my characters and brainstorming their conflicts.

If you are joining NaNo, buddy me. (I'm Lexi Connor- yeah, not very creative in my username!) If you're not joining, be sure to visit here and see how I'm doing. If you're not sure about joining, visit the NaNo website to learn more about it.

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