Saturday, August 16, 2008


Danger and I are rolling along! One of my CPs LOVES the latest version that I'm going to start entering in contests. I've got a published author helping me with my synopsis (when I get it done tomorrow). My life is on a tight schedule and so far I'm keeping up!

I got my latest scores back from the contest circuit and my 3 judges (all published in romance) were very kind! As usual, the things marked low with one judge were marked high with another. But take a look at these comments:
"Your opening raises several issues for the reader...Good job! Best of luck with this."
"This is a grabber of a beginning...the situation is intriguing and stomach clenching. Best of luck with the story!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin who's in his mid-twenties (Isn't it sad I can't remember?) and to one of my brothers who turns 42 today! I'm heading off to his house to celebrate and visit with him and his family.

Have a great weekend and remember to do something fun for yourself!

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