Saturday, September 20, 2008

Checkin' In

Challenge is going well. I've updated the progress meter. No, I haven't written all that in the last few days. I added in the pages I'd typed up during the last challenge.

Work is EXTREMELY busy still...when will it change???? I've got lots of grading and lesson planning and research to do. Yikes!

Agent queries- Got 1 rejection and 1 request for the first 30 pages and the synopsis. Keep your fingers crossed the lady loves it and wants the whole thing!

I've got the family in from Houston for the weekend. We're meeting up with the family from Beaumont (here in Austin) later today. The Houston family says it looks like a war zone. It took them an hour to travel 18 miles last night on their way here.

What're you up to this weekend? Whatever you do, enjoy yourself!

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