Saturday, September 13, 2008

Icky Ike

Please keep the people of the Texas coast line in your thoughts and prayers. The news is saying this could be the worst storm in Texas in 50 years. At last check, the wind gusts were 1 mph from making Ike a category 3 hurricane. Already parts of land are under 4-6 feet of water and 275,000 people are without power and they might not get it back for weeks. All this and the hurricane's eye has barely touched Galveston.

UPDATE 10:30 Saturday morning: Family in Houston still ordered to stay in their shelter on Rice University campus. Family in Beaumont-most came to central Texas, one couple still there riding it out but with no power and no backyard fence which blew away. A young man was swept out to sea last night and rescuers couldn't get to him. It's still bad, but it could have been so much worse. Did you hear about that freighter with 22 crew members that got stuck in the Gulf of Mexico? Miraculously they are all safe and only have to wait to be pulled into shore.

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