Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm In Class With Liam Neeson!

Okay, not really. Our class got a new student this week, Andrew, and his voice TOTALLY makes me think of Liam Neeson. I swear if I closed my eyes and listened to him I'd be convinced he was the actor.

Went shopping today, spent lots o' pesos, did some homework and some reading. Today I didn't feel as stupid as I did yesterday. We'll see what Wednesday brings.

Got to do my last load of laundry tomorrow and have to find out about taking the bus back to the airport on Sunday. I can't believe it's almost a month already. Time has flown by and it has been fun!

I'm hoping to do a quick Examiner article tomorrow too so be on the lookout for that. Prep work for RWA Nationals is starting to move to the front of my brain, but I don't want it there yet. I want to enjoy my last few days here before the insanity and chaos of switching back to English speaking (& American lifestyle), finishing my book, and gearing up for Nationals!

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