Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is There A Twelve-Step Program For Soccer?

My name is Chris and I'm a World Cup addict.

I've spent countless hours watching game after game. I have wasted computer time looking up information on my favorite teams when I should have been working on my manuscript. Even as I cheered for obscure teams from countries I barely recognized, the guilt ate away at me. My characters continue to cry out for attention and yet I still sit in front of the TV glued to ESPN. And the worst offense so far? I sit here this morning watching USA vs. Ghana when all week I'd planned to devote this whole day to my manuscript.

I know my excuses are just that. Excuses. It's exciting. I want to learn more about the game. The enthusiasm of the fans is infectious. A lot of these players are hot! It's only 2 (or 4) hours out of my day. I have to watch! My favorite team is facing elimination/ favored to win/ needs my support from the couch!

I know I'm an addict. I accept that I need help to overcome this...

Oh wait. The second half is about to start!


TJBrown said...

Acceptance of your problem is the first step. Walk away from the TV! Oh, wait. First you have to watch and tell me who won:)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFLMAO. We watched this morning too, and I'm not even a soccer fan! (Give me baseball any day). are right on the money. Some of those guys are gorgeous!!!

Bailey Stewart said...

Sounds like me during football season. It's a real sickness ... *gg* I'll watch any NFL game that's on whether I like the teams or not. Haven't gotten into the soccer stuff - had to watch too many soccer games when my nephews were little that I kinda got burnt out.