Thursday, June 01, 2006

Huh? What'd You Say?

That's right. Still can't hear. I stopped watching TV because I got tired of turning up the volume.

Phone guy came today. He knocked, but I didn't hear him. Luckily I was going outside to put the laundry in the dryer when I ran into him. He told me all was fixed. I checked and told him he was wrong. BUT he came into the office, played around with the phone cords inside and out, and managed to fix it! Yay! I think I was going into Internet withdrawal!

I know I love FP. I'm positive. I just don't remember why. So, I printed my WIP today (while watching the phone guy play with the cords). Now I'm cutting up said WIP into scenes so I can physically move them around in hopes of reorganizing my, manuscript. (Got this idea from my staff development of the last 2 days!) So, the kitchen table has become the beginning of the manuscript, the coffee table is the middle of the manuscript, and the kitchen counter is the ending. I think moving scenes around and seeing where they fit best will help me over this hurdle so I can finish the rough draft. I hope.

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