Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time's A - Wastin'!

Yup, I'm over here sending e-mails, clearing e-mails, and blog-hopping when the handwritten pages of my WIP that I wrote this morning are staring me in the face. Taunting me, messing with my head. Never mind about new business card designs for both writing names. Never mind about the book just bought at Barnes & Noble (Debra Webb's NEXT, "Never Happened"). Never mind about stupid TV shows (except for Rescue Me at 10) or the manuscripts that will follow FP. Those handwritten pages are demanding to be entered into the world of make-believe. I must run with my muse while she's so excited!

1 comment:

Bailey Stewart said...

And some days it's sort of like running with the bulls. Run, be free muses.